Fox News Guest Wins For Most Racist Lie About Tear Gas Attack On Migrants

The long-awaited Migrant Caravan Crisis™ that Donald Trump has been promising America for weeks has begun coming to a head as the migrants reach the U.S.-Mexico border near San Diego.  There are already ugly scenes emerging of parents and small children fleeing the chaos as the U.S. Border Patrol has deployed tear gas against the asylum-seekers.

This is being universally condemned so naturally the bright bulbs over at Fox & Friends dug deep and found an ~expert~ eager to push back against the basic human rights agenda. That expert was Rob Colburn of the Border Patrol Foundation who proceeded to push back in the most absurd and racist way possible by claiming that pepper spray was so natural and healthy that you could spray it all over your nachos as a tasty snack.

Here’s the video of Colburn’s wild claim:

“To clarify, the type of deterrent being used is OC pepper spray. It’s literally water, pepper, with a small amount of alcohol for evaporation purposes. It’s natural — you could actually put it on your nachos and eat it.”

This guy is actually comparing pepper spray–a chemical weapon banned from use in war–to a tasty special sauce you can order at your local Taco Bell.

He also could have used any food metaphor he wanted to explain his crazy point but because he represents the Border Patrol Foundation and is presumably obsessed with the border and all the poor brown people trying to cross it, he of course went straight to “nachos.” Nice.

Meanwhile most humans with beating hearts and functioning brains are *checks notes* strongly opposed to teargassing asylum seekers and small children trying to find a better life. The reaction on Twitter was widespread outrage at the suggestion that getting pepper-sprayed was no big deal and might even be a culinary choice.

In addition to being called a racist Colburn was quickly challenged on the basic facts of eating chemical weapons.

If pepper spray is so edible and harmless perhaps Fox’s expert will be the first to mist his nachos up and dig in? No? Anyone? …Bueller?

Even if you’re the type of woeful ding-dong who thinks pepper spray is delicious there’s also the tear gas canisters to consider. One has supposedly already hit a child.

According to Vox this isn’t the first time FOX has pushed the idea of pepper spray being edible and therefore no big deal.

Either this angry tomato actually believes this nonsense or he’s angling for his own cooking show in which he uses various chemical weapons and crowd deterrents to make fine cuisine. Now after you apply the pepper spray you’re going to want to add just a smidgeon of mustard gas. Or perhaps there’s a third option and he’s simply justifying barbaric and unnecessary acts because they support his political agenda. It could be that too.

(Lead Image via Flickr)