Fox’s Britt McHenry Mom-Shames Travelers With Kids, Gets Wrecked In The Comments

While screaming kids are annoying in any scenario, and even more so when traveling, most people can summon a crumb of empathy for the parents in such a scenario who are presumably feeling much more tired, stressed, and on the verge of tears by their kid’s antics than you are.

But “most people” doesn’t include Fox News hosts, who are carefully selected as children for their lack of empathy and abundance of gleaming blond hair.

Therefore it should’t have been shocking when Fox News Host Britt McHenry (real name) took to Facebook to complain about noisy kids in airports and how irresponsible parents simply shouldn’t use airplanes for five years if they insist on procreating.

A screenshot of McHenry’s post was sent to Deadspin:



According to Deadspin’s tipster, McHenry’s ill-considered post was met with a flurry of angry comments from mothers before McHenry quickly deleted it, although a screenshot survived of her telling the mom of a kid with cancer to…maybe just drive instead?


McHenry did some damage control but mainly seemed to consider herself the victim of people’s reactions to her own incendiary opinion.


Later McHenry wrote a lengthy Facebook post decrying those who would dare screenshot her “private post” from her, um, public Facebook page with 10,000 followers.

Using Trumpian language to slam the “failing” website Deadspin who reported the story, McHenry announced she was rage-quitting and would be deleting the page and setting up an “extremely private” one.



With this controversy behind her now McHenry can get back to abusing working class people she feels are beneath her.

h/t: Deadspin