Wow, This Fox News Immigration Panel With Independent Voters Backfired Spectacularly

Right now there’s a group of migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua fleeing poverty, violence, and crime for a shot at a better life. They have banded together in a caravan for safety and are making the grueling trek thousands of miles north with their children in tow.

Led by the Race-Baiter-in-Chief, right-wing media and Republicans have been doing their best to paint the group of fleeing refugees as an “invasion” force and demanding that Democrats do something to stop it. In an effort to make the rag-tag group seem more menacing, Trump has even decided to claim that it includes “unknown Middle Easterners,” obviously without any evidence.


Saying the quiet part out loud, Trump has also insisted that voters blame the caravan on Democrats, who control exactly zero branches of government. He has also promised to cut off foreign aid to the migrants’ home countries (for not preventing them from leaving?) and threatened to send the military to the border to stop them.


Right-wing media is also insinuating the caravan has been paid for by nefarious forces (including George Soros, who was targeted by a failed bombing plot this week). “Where are they getting water? Where are they getting food?” daffy blonde Fox & Friend Steve Doocy asked this morning.

Doocy then interviewed a group of independent voters to ask them about the migrant caravan (and/or find out how well their scaremongering is going over with people who don’t huff Fox fumes all day). It backfired spectacularly.

After showing footage of the migrant caravan Doocy asked the voters, “How big a problem is that, that the United States has uneven immigration laws?”

“I think uneven immigration laws are a problem for any country,” an independent voter named Michael replied. “And I think our immigration laws need to be modernized and updated. But this country is founded on immigration. And all of us come from immigrants.”

Undaunted, Doocy decided to try a little hypothetical hyperbole, presumably to provoke a different reaction, “By the time it gets here it could be 10,000, it could be 20,000. What should the United States do about those people?” he asked.

“This is the mightiest country on the planet, I think we can handle a caravan of people, unarmed, coming to this country,” Michael said. After Doocy tried to trip him up by re-framing his answer as “just let them in” Michael added that the U.S. should “process them properly.”

Swing and a miss!

Another independent voter provided context that Fox News likes to conveniently leave out, saying, “There’s a humanitarian crisis taking place in Central America. And yet, this issue gets turned into a complete political football. There’s very little honest discussion about what’s actually happening, it gets turned into talking points.”

Of course, it’s only a political football for one side. Democrats haven’t made an issue out of the migrant caravan, it’s only been red meat for Republicans and fodder for the right-wing media, and now (sadly) some other mainstream media outlets.

“Treating this as an ‘invasion’ is a bad idea and it’s going to end horribly,” a third independent voter said. “People have to realize, yeah, these are human beings coming here, and there needs to be a real solution offered in dealing with it.”

“Sure, but the backdrop is the midterms so it all becomes political,” Doocy replied, completely ignoring his own network’s role in hyping this nonexistent “threat” in the first place.

Amazing what happens when Fox News interviews normal people instead of their superfans and the members of the party they shovel propaganda for.

Watch the whole thing here:

h/t: Salon