Fox News Mocked For Implying Random Guatemalan Pedestrians Are The New Caravan

Conservative pundits are already firing up the racial panic machine once again over a supposed new migrant caravan from Honduras. Their desperation to draw focus away from the government shutdown and Trump’s plummeting approval rating is driving Fox News reporters to spend time in Guatemala yelling at random passers-by.

“As we can see, some more, it looks like very young men here,” the reporter says before yelling at two Latino individuals walking down the street for their ages. “He looks to be about 16 or 17, most of them carrying only one sack, and strangely enough, a lot of the young men I’ve talked to had absolutely no money in their pockets for what could be a month-long trip.”

Teens? Carrying backpacks? Outside? With no money? If that were happening in America, you might call it “average kids walking home from school.”

It makes you wonder, if Fox News wants to report on the caravan, why don’t they send reporters to where the caravan is? It seems more like they’re just assuming that every young person of color walking around is heading to join the caravan and reporting on it like it’s the truth. Perhaps this reporter really has been talking to other people who said they were on their way to join the caravan, but Fox News doesn’t exactly have a reputation for accurate reporting. Or being good at reporting.

That seems to be the sentiment among many Twitter users, anyway.

News outlets have reported on this new, 2000-person caravan since late last October, but they’ve only barely made it out of Honduras. The original caravan has largely vanished from headlines, and it’s safe to say that they haven’t “invaded” the U.S. and are not running through the South murdering white people. But what would Fox News even do if they didn’t use absurd racism to distract from what a terrible job Trump is doing?