Fox News Reporter Gets Roasted For His ‘Combat Bib’

Today, Fox News reporter Lawrence Jones III posted a photo of himself reporting from the U.S.-Mexico border, and people noticed there was something a little (and I mean little) off with it. In the photo, Jones is wearing a comically small protective vest.

Reporters on Twitter called out Jones’ lame military cosplay and reiterated that the border is not, in fact, some kind of war zone. In fact, according to the Washington Post, this side of the border is one of the “safest spots in the U.S.”

And others piled on, mocking Jones for his tiny, tiny protective bib.

Jones fired back, claiming the border patrol insisted he wear it:

And that could be true, border patrol agents aren’t above indulging in partisan politics. When Trump shut down the government in a failed attempt to secure wall funding, several members of the National Border Patrol Council (a union that represents border patrol agents) held a press conference to push for Trump’s policies.

But Jones doesn’t wear the little military napkin in othershots from his visit:

Sure it’s silly, but it still matters. Fox News and the Trump administration are both heavily invested in promoting the lie that situation on our southern border constitutes some kind of catastrophic national emergency necessitating an expensive wall and a militarized response. Just take a look at the hyperbolic language Secretary of Homeland Security Nielsen used in an email plea for volunteers:

Nielsen described it as a “smoldering crisis escalated into a full-blown emergency” that has “quickly morphed into a humanitarian and security catastrophe.” She’s really not leaving herself any room to go from there, unless she wants to start cribbing from the taglines of dystopian disaster movies.

It’s tempting to blame Trump for the escalation in fear-mongering, but the strategy originates with Fox News. They’ve been stoking fears over immigration in increasingly apocalyptic terms for decades to keep their aging viewers watching. Trump’s wall policy is the very dumb and very inevitable culmination of this business model, but the wall isn’t going to go anything to allay Fox News viewers’ irrational fears. Only Fox News can do that, but unfortunately their only incentive is ratchet up the rhetoric.

h/t: Washington Post, Politico, Mediaite