Fox News Roasted After Claiming That Jesus Appeared In A Cloud

In case you were worried that our public discourse was getting a LITTLE TOO SMART lately… Fox News has you covered.

In between their wall-to-wall coverage of private sector enemy number one Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and gross revelations from their hosts about personal hygiene, the good people at Fox make like they’re at a chaperoned middle school dance: they always leave room for Jesus.

On Tuesday they did so literally, sharing a photo of a sun-lit cloud photographed in Italy that they referred to on Instagram as “the awe-inspiring likeness of Jesus Christ.”

It’s almost as awe-inspiring as when our Lord and Savior appears on toast.

Needless to say FOX got crucified on Twitter.

While, according to FOX, the cloud resembled Christ the Redeemer some observers saw different icons entirely.