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Fox News Viewers Lost It When Fox Aired An Obama Rally

Viewers of Fox News were incensed when their beloved “news” network gave more airtime to a rally in Georgia led by President Barack Obama than to one of President Donald Trump’s rallies in the same state.

Fox News actually hasn’t been showing many of the recent rallies Trump’s held as he’s traveled to various states trying to get his MAGA crew to vote for Republican candidates in the midterm elections (which are today! GO VOTE!). No reason has been given for why Fox hasn’t been airing the rallies, but, several weeks ago, while speaking to the press, Trump said he’d “have to see about” Fox carrying them live. I’m not sure if he ever did reach out to Fox, but whatever the case, they never did start airing the rallies in full.

And you can imagine how unhappy that’s made Fox viewers, who tend to be loyal Trump supporters. So straight to Twitter they went, hell-bent on yelling at the network about their decision to show Obama instead of Trump.


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.