Fox Q&A Gets Awkward When Pesky Young Person Calls For Higher Taxes To Fund Green New Deal

There was a funny moment on Thursday during a Fox News segment subtitled “Breakfast With Friends” in which a Fox reporter polled patrons of Missouri diner on various issues and perhaps got more than he expected.

After getting the fairly predictable views of two middle-aged men on immigration, reporter Todd Piro turned to a younger man named Jack to get his views on climate change and was met with full-throated support for the Green New Deal that has been championed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as well as some ideas on how to pay for it (Hint: With taxes).

A video, courtesy of the Daily Beastshows the encounter.

The well-informed whippersnapper came armed with facts and patiently explained the human and financial costs of ignoring climate change when Piro repeatedly challenged him with that favorite conservative clap-back to any progressive proposal: “How do we pay for it?”

It’s unclear whether the Fox reporter included the outlier to add some variety to his otherwise conservative lineup or whether he was truly surprised by the pesky young person’s pro-planet position.

After his jarring brush with the facts, Piro returns to the type of mind-numbing, world view-affirming content conservative have come to expect from Fox, asking an elderly Trump supporter why he prays for Trump.

The whole little skit just reminded me of that classic Sesame Street song: “One of these things is not like the other.”

h/t: The Daily Beast