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Ok, We Need To Agree On What The Hell These Things Are Called

Summer is almost upon us—the days are long and the temps are high. It’s time to check the freezer for those long skinny bags of slushy ice that probably have a name but I don’t know what it is. When I was a kid, we called them “icees” (not to be confused with the much better and much more exciting Italian ices).

A user going by Lucy (@fetusleen) tweeted a picture of a stack of the frozen treats and asked what people call them and which flavor they think is best.

The tweet sparked nostalgia and went viral, with tons of people weighing with what they called the ice pops as kids.

A bunch of people said “Otter Pops,” which is one brand of them.

Each Otter Pop had a name and personality.

But there were a zillion different generic names for them and different brands depending on where you lived as a kid.

Like Tip-Tops…



Mr. Freezes…

Ice pops…


Fun pops…


Apparently they’re called Zooper Doopers in Australia and New Zealand.

Jublies in the UK.

And someone else brought up what he thinks might be the Asian equivalents (SORT of).

The list goes on! And other people thought they were called “popsicles” but they’re NOT—popsicles have sticks in them.

Quite a few people referred to the cuts you’d get in your mouth trying to chew the plastic packages open.

And some people called them nothing at all.

And finally, I found one person who also called them icees.


A quick scan of the answers leads me to believe that blue was the flavor chosen as people’s favorites most often.

Well, whatever you call them, it’s time to stock up on them!

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.