The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Alternate Endings Leaked And Maybe They Should Have Gone With Those Instead

Yes, Game of Thrones is officially over (at least until that prequel series lands in a few years), and while audiences everywhere have personally decided whether or not they’re happy with the ending, the discussion has now begun to shift to “how should it have ended?”

Personally, I think this fan’s John Hughes ending is the only way to go:

To keep the show’s real ending a secret, HBO actually filmed alternate endings to throw any paparazzi off the scent.

To recap, it’s important to remember how to show really ended. Tyrion, a prisoner of Grey Worm, beseeches the lords and ladies of Westeros to elect Bran Stark as their new king. Tyrion becomes Bran’s hand, and Jon Snow is exiled to the Night’s Watch, where he decides to self-exile himself to a life of freedom north of the Wall.

But Reddit user afraidpart, who famously leaked the last few episodes of season 8, claims he has insider information on two of the alternate endings that were filmed.


The first alternate ending didn’t have such a happy ending.

Similar to the real ending, it still boils down to Tyrion’s trial in the dragon’s pit at King’s Landing. Tyrion, still in front of the nobles of Westeros, boils over in rage, much like he did during his trial way back in season four.

Bran drops a quote of Tyrion’s from season one, when Tyrion says that he “never bets against his family.” Tyrion is furious that everyone is not more grateful for the things he’s sacrificed and done for the people of King’s Landing, including saving them from Stannis Baratheon. He goes on to say that King’s Landing deserved what it got, then is sentenced to death.

The second ending mixes the real ending with the first alternate.

The second alternate ending similarly sees Tyrion in the dragon pit, but this time he isn’t on trial. He goes on a passionate speech about why he betrayed Daenerys, but is not sentenced to death. Like the real ending, he’s named to the King’s Council so, very similar to what we all saw, just with a different, probably better speech.

Would either of these endings been preferable?

We’ll likely never see the actual filmed versions, but it’s interesting to picture what could have been.


You can read all of afraidpart’s series spoilers in their original Reddit post here.