This Gay Black Furry Is eSports’ Player Of The Year—And He’s Teaching The Far-Right A Lesson

Meet Dominique “SonicFox” McLean, a self-described “Black Queer Furry who will mix your sh*t in fighting games.” SonicFox was just crowned Esports Player of the Year at the Game Awards 2018, and for a victory lap, he’s been dunking hardcore on Twitter’s right-wing users all weekend.

It all began when SonicFox gave a shout out to the queer and furry communities during his acceptance speech at the Game Awards on Thursday.

“I’m gay, Black, a furry—pretty much everything a Republican hates,” he quipped to laughs and applause.

It didn’t take long for right-wing Twitter users to get salty. YouTuber Ian Miles Cheong quickly cried foul that SonicFox was “injecting identity politics” into the award show, while Daily Caller writer Sophia Narwitz called him “kinda a d*ck.”

In response, SonicFox had some choice words for his far-right critics: “suck my f**king d*ck LMFAOOOOOOO.”

Cheong and fellow right-wing YouTuber Jeremy “TheQuartering” Hambly quickly tried to smear SonicFox by claiming he “thinks it’s cool to assault women” after he enjoyed a video of a pro-life camerawoman accidentally getting punched by a pro-choice activist. Unphased, SonicFox proceeded to dunk mercilessly on the two goons.

SonicFox doesn’t mind the attention either. As he pointed out, the more the right talks about him, the more they give him “fuel and free clout to dunk on them.” It’s basically free advertising for his Twitter account. (The Daily Dot reached out to SonicFox about his weekend of dunking, but has yet to hear back.)

Meanwhile, the rest of the internet has fallen in love with SonicFox for shutting down his right-wing haters. It’s been a good weekend for the esports world’s favorite gay Black furry.

As for why the right hates SonicFox, well, he’s loud about his identity as a gay Black furry and he’s making room for queer Black esports athletes. The right can’t maintain the status quo when he’s the biggest esports player of the year, and they know it.

“It is the first time in their lives that someone is ready to stand against them that has a voice in what they thought wasn’t ‘political,’” SonicFox tweeted.

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