Survey Says Santa Claus Should Become Gender Neutral

When we think of Santa, we typically imagine an older, heavily-bearded white man sporting little reading glasses and a twinkle in his eye. But a new poll from logo design company Graphic Springs has found that some people think its high time Santa had a rebrand. Specifically, into a woman, or a gender-neutral being.

The company surveyed approximately 400 people from the United States and the United Kingdom, and then had 4,000 people vote on their suggestions.

Though 72% of people polled preferred their Santa male, 27% thought he should be a woman while 17% were into the idea of a gender-neutral Mr. Klaus.

When asked how they’d “modernize” Santa, people imagined a skinner version of the Christmas mascot, one who wore skinny jeans, had tattoos, a better haircut, and drove some sort of flying vehicle.

The full list of suggestions included:

-22% said he should trade the sleigh and reindeer for a flying car.

-25% said he should turn in his boots and wear trainers.

-21% said he should go on a diet.

-23% said he should use Amazon Prime.

-20% said a tattooed Santa would be cool.

-18% said he should get a new hairstyle and wear skinny jeans.

The social media blowback was intense.

Folks overwhelmingly voiced disbelief, incredulity, and outright fury at the notion of a gender-neutral or female Santa, many writing how this fictional character is just fine the way he is.

What are your thoughts? Do you think there should be a gender-neutral or modernized version of Santa, or is he fine just the way he is?