Pregnant Woman Mocked For Using A Hippo In Her Gender Reveal Responds To Haters

Gender reveals are pretty much the worst tradition ever, but it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere anytime soon, so we might as well get used to them. That’s not easy to do, however, when you see things like the mom-to-be who used a real hippo to reveal that she and her husband are expecting a baby boy.

Filmmaker Ana Bréton shared the clip on Twitter on Saturday, captioning it with, “I did it. I found the worst gender reveal.”

The video, which was originally taken from TikTok, shows the dad-to-be throwing a whole watermelon into the waiting mouth of a hippo, who crunches down on it to reveal blue Jell-O, indicating that the couple was having a boy. The couple then embraces, with the dad-to-be proclaiming, “Thank God!” as laughter’s heard in the background.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long before Twitter jumped on the video, retweeting it over 36,000 times and mocking the pregnant mom relentlessly for the rather unconventional approach. A hippo gender reveal? You have to admit it’s a little strange. Not only that, but people took umbrage with the dad’s “Thank God!” response to hearing he was having a son.

However, after all the backlash the video was receiving, the pregnant woman in the video, Bridgette, reached out to Bréton to explain the backstory of the video, leaving Bréton feeling somewhat guilty for “[bringing] darkness to their special day.”

“This was one of the happiest days of our lives. With the help of the zoo and the amazing Tank the hippo, we learned that we are having a baby boy. It took some time and some extra money in fertility treatments, but we finally got pregnant!” Bridgette wrote.

“We would have been over the moon just the same to have another girl, but would have had kept trying for a boy, and it could have got very expensive. I want to experience the mother-son relationship so badly. I am filled with joy to learn that we got our baby boy! Can’t wait to meet him.”

Bridgette also shut down fears that the hippo was being mistreated, insisting that the animal is well cared-for.

“Also, for anyone who is concerned about the hippo and his well-being, he has been hand raised by his amazing owner who assisted us in feeding him only food that is safe for him to consume…organic Jell-O inside a watermelon…and yes, Tank was more than happy to have the treat. He walked right to us and opened his mouth.”

The hippo gender reveal may still be a bit tacky, but it’s hard not to feel bad about detracting from the couple’s obvious joy.