Politician Says Racism Is Part Of His ‘Christian Beliefs’ And Gets Obliterated By Twitter

The year is 2019 but every day we see evidence of how stone age beliefs continue to thrive in America, generally under the mantle of religion.

The latest example of face-palm-worthy bigotry couched in someone’s “Christian beliefs” comes to us from Georgia where a city councilman has stated that he’s opposed to interracial marriage because he’s a “Christian” and that seeing representation of interracial marriage, or in his words “blacks and whites together” even on television makes his “blood boil.”

According to the councilman “that’s just not the way a Christian is supposed to live.”

Councilman Jim Cleveland of Hoschton, Georgia made the remarks in defense of Hoschton mayor Theresa Kenerly who is alleged to have discriminated against a job applicant on the basis of race. Kenerly alleged told a council member that she rejected a job applicant “because he is black, and the city isn’t ready for this,” according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Kenerly denies the allegation.

Councilman Cleveland, however, defended the mayor saying “I understood where she was coming from. I understand Theresa saying that, simply because we’re not Atlanta. Things are different here than they are 50 miles down the road,” before expounding on how he believes interracial marriage is somehow against his Christian beliefs.

People immediately called Cleveland out, not just on his racism but on his lack of Bible knowledge.

Cleveland also laughably made the “I have black friends” argument while espousing straight up last-century bigotry about race relations.

h/t: RawStory