A Giant Potato Has Been Transformed Into An Airbnb And The Jokes Are Appealing

It’s official. For $200 per night, you can sleep inside a giant potato. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), it’s not a real potato. Science has not yet been able to create a potato big enough to fit the average human being inside.

However, the six-ton marvel looks pretty real on the outside, and it’s stylish as heck on the inside. So it might be worth the money for all the confused faces you’ll get when you tell your friends and family that you slept in a giant potato during your trip to Idaho.

The potato also has a storied history within the potato-centered state. The 28-feet long spud was built years ago by the Idaho Potato Commission to promote, you know, potatoes. It toured the U.S. for six years on the back of a flatbed truck before it was retired to South Boise to become a rental property. Now it features a queen-size bed, mall bathroom, kitchenette, and fireplace. It’s even air-conditioned. And you can rent it on Airbnb.

It’s unclear whether the potato’s tour increased demand for Idaho tubers, but the press and the “living in a potato” jokes may just do the trick.

Hey, when you’re good at something, you lean into it.