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A Girlfriend Left Her Man These Sweet Notes To Help His Depression, And THIS Is True Love

Living with depression can be hard, especially if its seasonal depression. The changing seasons are completely out of your control. It makes it all the more frustrating when sudden shifts in daylight and temperature can trigger bouts of sadness.

But, there are always little things that can help, like support from people you love. But what happens when your loved ones are far away? Well, if you’re lucky like one guy in North Carolina, then you get to feel the love even from afar.

This guy’s girlfriend left him a series of notes to help with his seasonal depression, and they’re incredibly sweet.

In one of the best supportive girlfriend moves ever, Twitter user @AshciR’s girlfriend made sure that her guy knew how much she loves him even when she couldn’t be there to say it in person. He tweeted a bunch of the notes she left for him in a heart-warming Twitter thread.

“My gf knows that I suffer from seasonal depression, and in order to help me with it she left me random messages in my apartment to make my smile,” wrote @AshciR. “It’s been a week since she left and I’m still finding them the most obscure places.”

@AshciR lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, while his girlfriend lives in Jamaica. The distance between them means that she can’t always be there in person to help with his rough patches. But her series of messages does an excellent job of conveying her love.

“First one I found was on the floor when I got home. She knows my routine.”

In her first note, she encouraged him to get ready to the gym, which is some good advice for a healthy way to add some healthy endorphins to your day.

After that, she left him some notes with some inside jokes about @AshciR’s bathroom routine and his, ahem, eggplant emoji.

“I love when you poop” is really the kind of thing you can only say to someone you truly love.

girlfriend poop note

Then she left him some loving thoughts to send him off to a restful night filled with sweet dreams.

She wrote:

Sweet dreams my baby. I love you. You’re amazing. You’re the best boyfriend, person, best friend a girl could ever have.

And she left an equally adorable note to wake him up the next day.

The note reads:

Smile every day because someone loves you!! Happy Thursday!!

Her other notes were filled with good advice, like telling him to let light into his home and to eat healthy meals.

@AshciR said that even six days after his girlfriend left, he was still finding her notes hidden in his kitchen cabinets.

Her last note was embued with a lot of hope for the future.

She wrote:

One day we’ll live together. When I think of that it makes me happy.

“It’s the simple things like these that I love about her.”

It sounds like this couple has a really strong, loving relationship, and the Twitter replies show that other people agree.

Please excuse me while I go melt into a sappy puddle of love from the cuteness overload of all these tweets.