Giuliani Freaks Out And Blames Twitter For Getting Trolled On Accidental Link

Yesterday Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and advisor, stepped into a mess of his own making when he accidentally tweeted a link. A quick-thinking troll purchased the typo URL and just like that Rudy’s link led readers to a website proclaiming Donald Trump a traitor to the United States.



But now instead of admitting his error, Giuliani has responded with righteous indignation and an admission of total ignorance of how tweets, links, or the internet in general works, claiming that Twitter had “allowed” someone to “invade” his text.


What makes this even funnier is that last year Giuliani was named Trump’s “cybersecurity advisor” despite clearly having no idea how the whole interweb doohickey works.

Needless to say Twitter had some fun with Old Man Rudy yelling at The Cloud, as it were.