Twitter Calls Out Republicans For Hypocrisy On Reaction To Northam Controversy

A photo of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam surfaced today of him and a friend in a medical school yearbook photo – one in blackface and one in a KKK hood. Northam has admitted that he is one of the people in the photo (later confirmed to be the blackface one) and released an official apology. Worse, it seems that one of his nicknames in medical school, recorded in the same yearbook, is a racial slur against black people.

Democrats and others on the left have widely condemned the photo and expressed anger and disappointment toward Northam, some calling for him to resign. Republicans, of course, are doing the same. The difference is that the right is living in a big old house made of racism glass, but this hasn’t stopped them from chucking stones around.

Riggleman, aside from having a horrifying middle name, has been condemned in the past for campaigning with known white supremacist Isaac Smith. Also, it can’t be said enough that he likes Bigfoot erotica. Neither of those revelations motivated Riggleman to resign.

And that’s not even close to the only example of utterly blatant GOP racism that the party has excused, brushed off, or completely ignored. Let’s not forget that it took Representative Steve King, also known as Corn Hitler, asking why the term “white supremacist” was offensive for Republicans to punish him at all. He has, of course, not resigned.

Florida’s Republican Secretary of State Mike Ertel resigned just over a week ago after a photo surfaced of him in blackface at a party 14 years ago. It’s great that he resigned, but it’s safe to say that Republicans did not make nearly as much noise, or any noise, about this instance of White Politician Caught Being Racist Douchbag. Did anybody even hear about Ertel?

Remember all the times that Donald Trump had the opportunity to condemn white supremacist groups, including the KKK, and refused? We all know there’s still a tape out there of him saying the n-word. And let’s not forget about the photos from Covington Catholic basketball games featuring kids in total blackface jeering at black players. Somehow that whole thing seems to have been forgotten already.

The entire right even went out their way to support that racist pizza guy nobody likes.

This is not to say that Northam shouldn’t resign. He absolutely should, and his party is already calling for it. If his fellow Democrats can’t convince him to step down, this will likely be his last term as governor. Republicans not only don’t need to add to the chorus, they’re turning themselves into giant hypocrites by doing so.

And Twitter agrees.

If you go through the top posts about Ralph Northam on Twitter you’ll notice that conservatives seem vastly more concerned about pushing the false narrative that Northam supports “post-birth abortions” (which is not a thing) and infanticide, which no one supports. You might also notice how many of them are focused on claiming that Democrats are defending Northam alongside a distinct lack of Democrats defending Northam. Instead, every tweet from anyone left of center is either calling of Northam to resign or pointing out that Republicans can support white supremacy right up to today and will still be supported by the right.