GOP Senator Slammed For Saying Nurses Play Cards At Work All Day

A Republican Senator tried to claim that nurses at small, rural hospitals “probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day” in her support of an amendment excluding said nurses from a law that would have given them the right to uninterrupted breaks and lunches. Not longer ones. The proposed law would only give them the right to be able to refuse to have their precious free time during shifts that routinely last 12 hours or more be interrupted by requests to do more work.

The senator, Maureen Walsh of Washington state, was speaking in support of an amendment to this law that would let small enough hospitals ignore this requirement. Nurses and hospital workers everywhere have pointed out that both this amendment and Walsh’s statement are ludicrous. Small hospitals are often understaffed and underfunded, requiring more work from nurses than from some large hospitals.

Plus, everyone should be entitled to uninterrupted breaks. It’s not a big ask, you guys.

Unfortunately, the amendment was passed, and the Senate bill will now have to be reconciled with the House bill before it can go to the governor’s office for signing. Hopefully, the amendment can and will be removed, especially considering all the blowback from actual nurses explaining why the idea that rural nurses don’t deserve uninterrupted breaks is garbage.

Walsh has since apologized for her comment, saying that she was “tired” and regrets saying it. You know who else is tired, Senator Walsh?


Next time you want to say anything less than good about nurses, see the above gif and make better choices.

Or you risk getting roasted again.

By the way, there is a petition going to convince Senator Walsh to shadow a nurse for a single 12-hour shift. As of this article’s publishing, it has nearly 515,000 signatures. Walsh has yet to respond to the petition, probably because she knows she couldn’t handle it.