Gun Chick Posts Beach Selfie Praising Trump While Unknowingly Disrespecting The American Flag

The interesting (albeit depressing) thing about these many loudmouthed conservative teens who proudly devote themselves to “owning the libs” is the fact that their entire attitude is entirely dependent on contradicting the left — so much so, that they’ve pretty much forgotten to cultivate any kind of unique personality.

As a result, there’s a certain predictability to their antagonistic tweets and Facebook posts.

Kaitlin Bennet is one of these teens, and she garnered attention on Twitter in May for taking a series of graduation photos with her beloved rifle. (Because again, why have a sense of creativity when you could just have a gun instead?)

Since the conception of her relatively shortlived viral fame, Kaitlin has gleefully taken to “trolling the libs” at every possible opportunity.

Kaitlin has consistently taunted Parkland survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg, even going so far as to challenge him to an “arm wrestle” over the 2nd Amendment.

On June 14, Bennett was back to celebrate Donald Trump’s birthday at the beach, complete with an American flag towel and a novelty mug of “Liberal Tears.”

Of course, it is technically desecrating the flag to lay it across the ground — something which far-right conservatives would probably be aware of if they weren’t too busy criticizing NFL players for “disrespecting” the flag by kneeling.

Twitter definitely noticed — and definitely called out Bennett’s hypocrisy.

Also, like … who brings a ceramic coffee mug to the beach? You’re gonna get sand in your nonexistent Liberal Tears, baby girl!

Bennett later made jokes about “snowflakes” being triggered by her towel — clearly missing the part where people were actually pointing out HER OWN hypocrisy, as opposed to promoting some deep-seated devotion to respecting American Flag iconography.

Honestly? You can wear an American Flag bikini all day long and most people would give zero sh*ts. It’s when you start criticizing people for their “disrespect” towards the flag that the disconnect becomes unignorable.