Hero Teenager Publicly Shuts Down Grandmother’s Racist Facebook Rants

It’s a common experience: You’re visiting with family on the holidays and an older relative begins espousing some strong opinions that haven’t aged well. Times change and your well-meaning relative may still hold a great deal of views that have become harshly socially conservative over time or are simply based in ignorance or outmoded ideas.

Most of us cringe through these speeches because we don’t want to insult or embarrass someone we love who has lived a long life and is probably wiser than us in most other respects but one excellent granddaughter decided to take the opportunity to challenge and correct her grandmother, when “Meema” made a statement objecting to Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib becoming the first two Muslim women to be elected to Congress.

Granted the anonymous granddaughter did it on Facebook which is a little bit easier than confronting someone mid-pecan pie.

A series of Facebook screenshots that were posted on Reddit captured the inter-generational exchange.

First there’s Meema, who seems to think Muslims are foreign agents and a threat to the country.

Then her granddaughter chimes in, countering her grandma’s uninformed beliefs with some helpful facts, kindly delivered.

Meema hits back with the bizarre assertion that muslims are “illegal aliens” which sounds a lot like rhetoric spouted by the Trump administration, which has repeatedly claimed, without evidence, that the United States needs a border wall partly to keep out radical Islamic terrorists.

After Meema segues from her Muslim remarks into general anti-immigrant sentiment her valiant grandkid keeps her cool and continues schooling her elder relative on the merits of her argument.

Meema loops back to her “muslims = terrorists” canard but are her granddaughter’s patient explanations and kindness wearing her down???

They just might be.

The normally cynical denizens of Reddit found the granddaughter’s approach to changing her relative’s views both heart-warming and unusually effective.

In conclusion: Granddaughter 2020.

h/t: Bored Panda