People Are Getting Choked Up Watching This Viral Video Of A Grandmother Opening Her Late Husband’s Letters On Christmas

The holidays are traditionally a time to spend with the people you love, whether that means family or a form of chosen family. But that often makes the first Christmas after you lose someone close to you especially difficult to get through, no matter how many other loved ones you’re still surrounded by. One family knew that their grandma was struggling with her first Christmas without her husband, so they knew they wanted to do something special to keep his memory alive this season.

“My grandpa passed 7 months ago so this is my grandma’s 1st Xmas w/o him in 59 years,” @ForeverLAS_ tweeted.

Fortunately, the family had stumbled across a whole bunch of letters that grandma and grandpa had written to each other when they were in college, dating all the way back to 1962. They gathered them up, had a silver box engraved for the occasion, and turned the camera on grandma when the time came for her to open the special gift.

Grandma already seems moved enough with only the box in hand, but when she realizes just what’s inside, she can’t hold back her tears.

“I was going through Dad’s things and I found them,” her son tells her. “He kept those.”

It’s enough to grow any Grinch’s heart three sizes this Christmas, and people watching the video on Twitter agreed.

Seriously, it’s impossible to watch this and not cry.

It was definitely a gift grandma will always cherish.

It also inspired other people to share their own stories about lost loved ones.

The granddaughter who originally shared the video followed up to thank everybody who has been wishing her grandmother well after sharing this special moment with them.

“She is doing great & has been saying over & over again that it’s the best gift she could’ve asked for,” she wrote.

It’s not going to be the same when we print out our old emails, is it?