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Woman Finds Guy On Tinder Still Bragging About Beating Her In An 8th Grade Election

In the latest example of perplexing internet shenanigans, a woman named Meghan got a jolt from her past when she discovered that an event from five years earlier was still very much on someone’s mind.

Now presumably college-age, Meghan was informed by a friend that she’d seen the guy on Tinder who had beaten her in their 8th grade class president election, five years prior, and that he was still bragging about having defeated someone he found “mildly annoying” …aka Meghan.

Now a student at the University of Delaware, her one-time opponent’s Tinder bio read:

“Still proud of the time I became class president just to beat someone I found mildly annoying. get wrecked Meghan.”

This is how this guy hopes to impress potential dates: by talking about his 8th grade grudges.

As some folks pointed out it’s a pretty weird thing to brag about, especially after five years.

Not to mention being fantastically petty.

Meghan seems to have gotten a kick out of it however, changing her Twitter handle to “get wrecked meghan” and even reaching out to the petty lad with a complimentary message.

It seems there are no hard feelings…or are there?