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Guy Who Tossed His Razor In The Toilet Over Gillette Ad Gets Mercilessly Trolled

In the wake of social justice movements like #MeToo, some commercial companies have been doing their part to raise awareness surrounding sexual harassment and equal rights. Of course, not everyone is living in the 21st century and many people are ignorant enough to boycott these kinds of “progressive” brands.

Take Nike, for instance, they featured Colin Kaepernick in a national advertisement and people started burning all of their Nike gear—the same gear they spent their own money on…and Nike’s sales still rose 31%.

Recently, the shaving company Gillette released a new ad intended to combat toxic masculinity and to no one’s surprise, some idiot is protesting the ad by throwing his razor in the toilet.

ICYMI, the popular shaving company Gillette recently debuted a new ad that raises awareness about toxic masculinity and asks men to be the best versions of themselves.

And because this is the internet and we can’t have nice things, several ~macho bros~ were offended by the insinuation that women should be treated with respect.

The latest outraged individual, Twitter user @warroom, was so offended by the recent Gillette Ad that he threw his razor in the toilet.


Yeah, that’ll show them.

Unsurprisingly, people had something to say about the statement he was attempting to make.

But as one user cleverly pointed out, the offendee probably didn’t realize he wasn’t going to be able to flush the razor.


And it wasn’t long before the merciless trolling began.

While the internet has done its job of shutting down one idiot today, we know this probably won’t be the last senseless boycott we see.

h/t: Buzzfeed