Guy Who Whined Liberals Are ‘Destroying’ The Civil War Gets Expertly Shut Down By Commenter

It seems like nearly every week brings another fight over the Civil War. Lately, it’s thanks to comments made by President Trump doubling down on the lie that the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville was just the work of some misunderstood history buffs who didn’t want to see Robert E. Lee’s statue destroyed. (It was actually organized as an explicit white nationalist event.) Robert E. Lee, the loser of the Civil War, was—in the president’s estimate—a “great” general, even though history (and the scoreboard) tells us otherwise.

Those on the left who bristled at the president of the United States singing the praises of a man who took up arms against the United States then confronted a backlash from whiny, self-righteous Robert E. Lee sympathizers on social media. It seems like whoever posted this Facebook status might have been among them, because they called liberals “p*ssies” for “destroying” the Civil War. They also got a lesson in defeat not seen since Lee’s own.

Redditor whynotwarp10 posted an exchange from Facebook featuring an angry right-winger whining that liberals were somehow the ones mangling the history of the Civil War.


“There will be no research for the Civil War because of the Liberals are [sic] destroying every bit of it because it offends some p*ssy,” they wrote.

Thankfully, a commenter chimed in to give the this cranky pro-Confederate a history lesson. The commenter starts by stating in stark terms what the South was actually fighting for (slavery):


The commenter also makes sure to remind everyone that it was the South that decided to rebel and betray the rest of the country:


Then our commenter then launches into a rant (of dubious accuracy, but whatever) about how the Confederacy was actually the soft side of the war:


And ends with this perfect mic drop moment:


And that’s how it’s done, folks!

h/t: r/MurderedByWords