LISTEN: Guy Calls Cops On Middle Eastern Comedian After Joke Made Him Feel ‘Uncomfortable’

Easily-triggered idiots are drawn to comedy shows like moths to a flame.

Somehow they never seem to expect comedians – whose entire business is challenging and subverting expectations – to….challenge and subvert their expectations.

Throw some casual Islamophobia onto that already quivering pile of insecurities and you get situations like the one that transpired recently at a comedy club in Naples, Florida where an audience member called the police on a comedian after the comic joked that “it only takes one of us [Middle Eastern people]” during his standup set.

According to NBC News Comedian Ahmed Ahmed, who’s of Egyptian descent, was doing some standard crowd work at the Off The Hook Comedy Club that consisted of asking people where they were from and their backgrounds etc. when he asked the audience “Any other Arabs? Clap if you’re from the Middle East.”

After some applause Ahmed quipped “Alright we got some [  ] in here but hey…it only takes one of us…” he then held the pause for comedic effect as the audience laughed loudly, before adding “…to tell a joke.”

He then called the audience “scared-ass biatches” and told them to “calm down.”

Despite it being overwhelmingly obvious that Ahmed was joking around (during his comedy set) some goober preceded to call 911.

Off The Hook Comedy Club has released audio of the 911 call and it is…something.

Essentially the caller slowly talks the (surprisingly patient) 911 operator’s ear off with a rambling tale of his night at the comedy club and claims he grew concerned when Ahmed asked Middle Eastern audience members which countries they were from and allegedly said “that’s great we can organize our own little terrorist organization.”

Sounding like a bored retiree with far too much time on his hands he adds “I don’t think that was right. I mean it really bothered me” and basically asks the police what they can do about it…”it” being someone exercising their first amendment rights, in a performance no less.

Surprisingly the police actually dispatched two officers.

The above video also includes Ahmed’s reaction to the nonsense call as he deals with some very amused looking police officers and promises that the absurd incident will make it into his next act.

h/t: NBC News