This Guy’s Cringey Comedy Video About Women On Twitter Will Make You Hate Comedy

Comedy is interesting, because a comedian’s point of view is so central to their work. It’s all about how they see the world, what they think is absurd, their politics. You might not agree with that comedian’s perspective, but they’ll make you laugh about something anyway if they’re good at their job. Laughter is the whole review, and it’s usually involuntary.

Ryan is not making a lot of people laugh right now. The young man posted a video of himself on Twitter under his handle @ryantheleader_. (Very ominous. I hope this guy is never a leader of anything, but it seems like MRA activists are always looking for leaders for their splinter cells.)

Ryan really wants to be funny so he made a compilation video of himself in a tube top and terrible eyeliner with the caption “girls on Twitter.” It’s about a minute and a half long even though the whole thing could just be him saying, “I hate women,” end of scene.

The video is mostly Ryan trying to twerk, saying women love astrology, hate men, hate their dads, are fake bisexuals, and love canceling people, and ends with an air blow job. They’re not exactly jokes so much as a string of stereotypes presented for no clear reason, except that Ryan has never spoken to a woman for longer than it takes to buy a liter of Mountain Dew.

It actually has a lot of likes and retweets. What a sad glimpse into the future of the world! The comments do give me some hope.

Never have so many people come together just to tell someone they’re not funny.

And I’m sure it’s actually affecting him, because being told you’re not funny is shattering for the ego of a guy so invested in comedy he’s ruined all chances of having sex with a woman again for it.

Also…Ryan, we need to talk about your tongue:

Ryan did take the advice about his tongue to heart, apparently:

See, that I did kind of enjoy. Because your tongue is disgusting, dude.