Guy’s Story About How His Friend Had A Horrible ‘Netflix & Chill’ Date Is Gonna Take You On A Hilariously Wild Ride

It’s clear from hundreds of cringe-inducing viral stories we’ve read before that not everyone is great at dating. Maybe it’s because they’re a little socially awkward, maybe it’s because of a string of bad matches, or maybe it’s just being woefully inept at Tinder and other dating apps.

You’ve probably met countless people who seem so great, you find yourself wondering why they’re single. If the following story is anything to go by, it could be because they have seen some sh*t in their life.

I won’t bore you with details any longer, so here it is. Get ready for a wild ride.

Source: Twitter


Trapped in the closet.

Liking girls.

Breaking it down.

Talking in her voice.

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Netflix and chill.

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