People Are Ridiculing Hannity’s Latest ‘War On Christmas’ Freakout

It sneaks up on us every year, but it’s finally time for the annual fake ‘War on Christmas’! It seems like last year’s ‘War on Christmas’ was just yesterday, probably because the president likes to remind us that “we’re saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again” year-round. (Seriously, he was talking about it in July.) This year, Sean Hannity’s brought a new twist to the annual Fox News freakout—churches have switched sides and are now waging a war AGAINST Christmas! It’s as dumb as it is predictable.

Sean Hannity teased another segment on the brutal and ongoing “War on Christmas” complaining about how “politicized” Christmas has become while ignoring the fact that he was responsible for much of that politicization.

Before televising the “graphic images” taken on the imaginary battlefield of the War on Christmas, Hannity cautioned his viewers that they might want to get their children out of the room. It was a touching sentiment, especially considering that the advanced aged of Hannity’s viewership means any kids they have are probably on Social Security.

The image Hannity was concerned could scar children was a picture of baby Jesus in a cage.

It was part of a nativity scene erected by a Massachusetts church to protest the Trump administration’s policy of putting living, breathing children in cages. (Something that a tad more traumatic and emotionally scarring than seeing a caged mannequin.)

Naturally, Twitter was happy to bounce Hannity around more than a FWD: FWD: FWD: WAR ON CHRISTMAS!!!1! email at a nursing home:

Later, Hannity grilled a guest who thought maybe lying to your kids and telling them Santa Claus is real is not the best thing. Color me shocked Hannity would come out on the pro-lying side of the debate, guess you gotta hook people on the falsehoods when they’re young! After all, it’ll only be a short half-century or more until they’re Fox’s core audience.

h/t: Huffington Post