Harvey Weinstein Gets Lit Up By Female Comedian In Viral Video

Harvey Weinstein is the name most definitively associated with #MeToo, a movement where victims of sexual abuse speak out about sexual predators, especially in the film and television industry. Weinstein has been accused by over 80 people of various crimes, from forcing them to watch him masturbate to rape, and he was first exposed in 2017 in a New York Times reported piece. Once a few people came forward, the floodgates opened. He is facing criminal charges in numerous districts, but the man has a lot of money. He’s out on bail.

And what is Weinstein doing with his freedom? Well, this week he went to an event meant to showcase young artists at Downtime bar in the Lower East Side. And it was an absolute mess.

Attendees allege that Weinstein was seated at a table reserved for the industry by Alexandra Laliberte, who organizes Actor’s Hour. Laliberte told Buzzfeed News that she doesn’t have a security team and chose to allow Weinstein to say, but performers say it seemed as though the seat was set aside for him. When women in the audience spoke up about Weinstein’s presence, they were ejected—not Weinstein.

But a comedian named Kelly Bachman has gone viral for a clip of her actually discussing the “elephant in the room” or the “Freddy Krueger” as she says into the mic:

“I didn’t know we had to bring our own mace and rape whistles to Actor’s Hour,” jokes Bachman in the video. She is lightly applauded eventually, but first there is stunned silence and some boos. A man’s voice yells at her to “shut up.”

“This kills at group therapy for rape survivors,” replies Bachman. She says that she is a rape survivor herself. Bachman’s performance is remarkably brave, but she wasn’t the only person who stood up to Weinstein that night.

Amber Rollo tweeted that she also confronted Weinstein in support of Bachman, a friend of hers who she had come to see perform.

“She’s right,” Rollo told Weinstein, according to Buzzfeed. “You’re a f*cking monster. What are you doing out here? F*ck you.”

She says a man seated with Weinstein called her a c*nt in response. She also says another woman at the show objected to Weinstein and was thrown out, too.

The woman Rollo identified was actually non-binary performer Zoe Stuckless, who says they were led out of the room by a man who would not say if he worked for the bar or not.

“This guy was leading me out the stairs, just repeating ‘due process, due process’ to me,” said Stuckless. The Downtime bar has defended their decision on Facebook, describing Stuckless as a “heckler.”

“A company called Actors Hour rented our bar for a private event, with a guest list all their own. Shortly into the evening, one guest began heckling another, causing a disturbance to everyone in attendance. After several requests to stop were ignored, we kindly asked the heckler to leave.” it says.

Weinstein’s lawyers also released a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, which says that the women created a scene and Weinstein was just trying to enjoy a nice evening out:

“Harvey Weinstein was out with friends enjoying the music and trying to find some solace in his life that has been turned upside down. This scene was uncalled for, downright rude and an example of how due process today is being squashed by the public, trying to take it away in the courtroom too.

As an aside — Harvey in fact suggested the woman should be allowed to talk and ask him any questions. The venue’s personnel asked the woman to leave, not Harvey’s. I would just point out that he is being treated as if he has been convicted. Accusations are, in fact, not convictions. Due process is still the foundation of each and every one of our civil rights in this country. Please don’t lose sight of that definitive conviction when you write. Anyone should be allowed to be there if they are acting in accordance with the norms of the space. As for the name calling, it was 100 percent not anyone in HW’s employ and not someone speaking on HW’s behalf.”

Yes, I’m sure Harvey Weinstein was moments away from scolding his friend using the the C-Word.

While everyone is entitled to due process in the court, it seems that Harvey Weinstein was accorded more respect and leniency in this situation than the women who were being asked to perform in front of him. As Stuckless told Buzzfeed, they “couldn’t imagine walking out of the room and him still feeling safe to go in and laugh with the community he was responsible for terrorizing for so many years.” Instead, they were forced out after standing up to him.