23 Bible Jokes Guaranteed To Make You Laugh So Hard You’ll Need To Go To Confession After Reading Them

On the one hand, Jesus died for our sins and that is a BFD. On the other hand, he died for our sins, which means he knows how much we love to sin, which means he sacrificed himself so we could lie and steal and make crappy jokes he may or may not have laughed at (who could presume to know the Chosen One’s sense of humor?)

23. This yeast-free situation:

22. This time to rise and grind:

21. This crush:

20. This Freudian slip:

19. This godly uber ride:

18. This lit Jesus:

17. This accurate battle:

16. This rude troll:

15. This universal truth:

14. This (satanic) creation:

13. This transaction: