Health Expert’s Dumb Donut Infographic Backfired And Now The Internet Craves Krispy Kreme

Dieting is a daunting process as it is. There are so many different aspects of food that you need to keep your eye on. Carbs, calories, sodium, fat, sugar, and so much more. There’s no easy way to go on a diet, especially when there are endless amounts of delicious, artery-clogging foods out there. Quite frankly, it’s just not fair.


One health expert recently posted an infographic with some startlingly delicious data:

Here’s the chart in full:

Let’s break down what’s happening here:

Essentially, the argument is that one 20oz bottle of Coke contains the same sugar content as 6 full donuts. Of course, donuts and soda aren’t an equal exchange currency because of factors such as way more calories and carbs in a doughnut versus a bottle of soda and so on. Eating three or four donuts isn’t actually any healthier than drinking a bottle of Coke, no matter how tantalizing that proposition sounds.

Naturally, folks on Twitter were quick to point out how this “health expert” had things completely wrong.

Still, more people were focusing on this newfound freedom to gulp down a half dozen donuts with a fraction of the guilt.

Also, you don’t even need to complete the sentence, “would you eat six donuts,” before people said the correct answer: “absolutely.”

So, if we’ve learned anything today, it’s definitely that a half dozen donuts a day keeps the doctor away!