Here Are The Most Hilarious Ways to Refer to Someone Without Dragging Gender Into It

It’s 2019, people. We now know that saying “hi, guys,” or “Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen” might be making some people feel excluded, unseen, or even misgendered. It’s hard to break a habit like a traditional greeting, though. If you’ve been trying to remember to use more gender-neutral phrases when addressing a crowd, maybe a helpful way to remember is by laughing at something so much it burns into your brain.

Twitter user Ellory Smith asked their followers for their favorite gender-neutral greetings, offering,”What’s up, rat bastards!” to kick things off. Do you think that’s how Frank Sinatra greeted his friends?

The suggestions Smith got are pretty off the wall, but also extremely memorable. “Stay fresh, Cheese Bags,” was right in front of us the whole time and we didn’t even realize!

There were a lot of options already embedded in fan-favorite shows, from Game of Thrones to Futurama. In fantasy realms and sci-fi worlds, gender has already been dealt with.

Should this be attributed to 30 rock of Beyoncé? They’re both right.

How offensive you want to be might determine what you say. Maybe you want a polite “theydies and gentlethems.” Maybe a more aggressive “whattup f*ckos.” There are so many options out there without referring to a “he” or “she.”

How will you be opening up your next seminar or beginning your next toast? Remember, “ladies and germs” is only half inclusive.