Here’s The Real Story Behind The Anti-LGBTQ Flag Emoji People Are Outraged Over

As phones have gotten smarter and people have gotten more attached to them, updates and innovations have given us new apps, new games, and brand spankin’ new emojis. Who needs to use words when we can use cute little cartoons to say what we need to say to our friends and loved ones—amiright?

Recently, Unicode, the company that creates our thousands of little emojis, issued a few updates that gave us some promising new emojis to use regularly. However, amongst the brilliant new emojis—like the period emoji and the anti-d*ck pic finger pinch—came a new one that no one saw coming. A Twitter user recently discovered that there happened to be an anti-LGBTQ flag emoji in Unicode’s system and uploaded it to Twitter.


After people on Twitter began seeing the anti-LGBTQ flag emoji circling around their timelines, obviously, they were angry and outraged. It’s a bit f*cked up for Unicode to release a plethora of same-sex couples and families in their emoji pack, but then include this vile hate-filled emoji.

As it turns out—Unicoe didn’t release an anti-LGBTQ emoji. In fact, it’s a glitch in the system—which, they promptly fixed to ensure that no one was able to spread such hateful speech on social media or in text messages.

Twitter user Gokuto explained how it actually happened and how the glitch takes place in the emoji-sphere.

Well, there you have it, y’all—Unicode stays supporting the LGBTQ community.

h/t: Fast Company.