Homophobe Doesn’t Want His Mom To Get Knee Surgery In Case The Transplant Is “Gay”

Sometimes you read something so stupid it feels like it makes you stupider. This post on subreddit r/insanepeoplefacebook by u/KarateKid1984 is supposedly 100 percent real, which fills me with despair for humanity. It’s a screenshot of a Facebook post from someone so homophobic they are afraid to let their mother get a knee transplant. To be clear, a knee transplant is not like an organ transplant. The part if manufactured with synthetic materials, not taken from another human body. But something tells me science isn’t this person’s strong suit.

The post starts with an explanation of the poster’s mom’s condition. She’s walked for two years with a “kain” since she fell in a McDonald’s.

Maybe this is very weird branded content? Anyway, the doctor informed them “with tears n his eyes” that her knee would have to be replaced. That’s when things go really off the wall.

“We told the doctor that under no situation would we allow the knee of a gay transhomo or lesbian be put into moms body,” the poster wrote. “Do you know what the doctor did? HE LAUGHED. He told us there was no way they could ever discriminate between sexual likes when it came to using body parts. THEN HE LIED TO USAND TOLD US THEY WOULD USE AN ARTIFICIAL PART. We have declined the surgery. We can not risk mom getting a body part from a gay lesbian. We are seaking[SIC] out the opinion of several other doctors and the advice of our priest.”

If all the doctor did was laugh, they’re honestly very lucky.


The people reading the original Facebook post seem to find this whole thing as ridiculous as strangers on Reddit. A number of people tried to correct the poster’s misapprehension that a knee can be “gay,” and more to the point, that his mom would be getting a knee from another human. Like, the thing you’re worried about can’t even happen, even setting aside what a hideous bigot you are!


The main issue with the post is how homophobic and misinformed it is, of course, but one commenter on Reddit, YeeyeeUniversity1118, made a good point about what a liar this Facebook poster is overall:

This might be irrelevant, but she’s definitely lying about certain aspects of her story. No doctor would tell a patient with tears in their eyes that they need knee surgery. Compared to some news that doctors have to deliver without being emotional, a knee surgery is rather small.

Seriously. No one cares about your mom falling down in a McDonald’s, and why would you “go on without her” over a bad knee? Maybe they think their mom is a horse and will get put down. It’s possible, considering what else they think is true.