Even Jordan Peele Is Blown Away By This 3-Year-Old’s Terrifying Horror Movie-Themed Birthday Party

Little kids’ birthday parties often have themes—their favorite things, like Disney stuff or trucks or dinosaurs. But when one little girl named Lucia turned 3 years old, she wanted her party to have a very different kind of theme: she wanted to go with the horror movie character Valak a.k.a. “The Nun.”

A Twitter user named Andrea (@dreeaaxo_) posted pictures of her niece, Lucia, who is apparently a huge fan of the demonic nun who was featured in The Conjuring 2 and then in a spin-off titled, aptly, The Nun.

How did little Lucia get into the Nun? Did someone let her watch the movies, or did she just see the posters? And why, for the love of God, isn’t she terrified? No idea. This is one strange child, and she is absolutely my new hero.

Andrea added that yes, the other little kids at the party also blacked their eyes out to match Lucia.

People on Twitter loved Lucia and her scary Nun-themed party.

The tweet went hugely viral and tons of people had all sorts of ~feelings~ about it. Like, some people did think it was a little scary.

Someone made some awesome fan art.

One person compared young Lucia to Wednesday Addams.

And someone else sent a picture of her own niece, who loves Coraline (who is not scary, exactly, but definitely still dark).

Even horror master, creator of Get Out and Us Jordan Peele, weighed in.

So what will the theme of Lucia’s 4th birthday party be? Something scarier than the Nun? What would that even be?


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.