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Celebrities And Influencers Criticized For Tone-Deaf Instagram Posts As Hurricane Hits The Bahamas

The Bahamas have been getting battered and flooded by Hurricane Dorian after the storm dropped 30 inches of rain on the area. At least five people have been reported dead, many more are missing, and over 13,000 homes have been reported damaged. Videos have shown the extreme danger people are in, like this one taken in an evacuated hospital.

The severity of the situation would encourage most people with associations with the Bahamas to be self-reflective and supportive. Not influencers and celebrities.

People with a lot of money who have visited the islands as a tourist mostly seem to have a certain kind of picture—bikinis and booze. While that’s fine for your Instagram on a normal day, people were rightly upset to see Instagram models posting about the disaster with booty shots, like model Tatiele Polyana.

Her caption reads:

“My heart is in (two). A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to know this immensity of clear water, truly a paradise, how sad, my God, to see the desperation of the people in the videos, so many houses, cars, hospitals and places all being devastated by this damn hurricane! Let’s pray for #Bahamas.”

Right sentiment, weird picture, as people commented:


Even Sofia Vergara, who should have a manager to stop her, posted a weirdly tone-deaf image of herself drinking with a friend, captioning it “Waiting for Dorian.”

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Esperando a Dorian??

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People didn’t like that much either:


The lesson here is to save your vacation pics for an actual vacation. When you want to post about climate disaster, link to a humanitarian aid organization.

Where and how to donate to those affected by Hurrican Dorian: