This Husband ‘Comforting’ His Wife While She’s In Labor Is The Internet’s New Enemy

Most film and TV shows depicting labor show it as a hectic, stressful process that usually involves a woman screaming at a man that he will never be touching her again. There are a lot of ways to give birth that are nothing like that at all, of course, but there is some kernel of truth in this horrible stereotype: when you’re pushing a baby out of your body, that’s kind of all you can think about. That might be why people are looking at this video of a husband trying to distract his wife while she’s in labor and losing their damn minds.

This man made a series of flashcards with motivational messages on them, and we can see him flipping through one by one, very calmly, as she brings life onto the planet. It’s a baffling display:

Some of the cards are sweet and supportive, expressing love for his wife. Others are… maybe a bit condescending. There’s the one that says, “Breathe (like we’ve been practicing),” and another that says, “I’d do it all over again to know the indescribable happiness I know today.” Yeah, obviously you would do, all you had to do was have sex. She’s doing all the work!

People were sounding off about the video on Twitter, saying that if their husband showed up with cards like these to the delivery room he’d get pushed out the window into the parking lot:

Oh yes, the woman had apparently been in labor for two days by the time this happened. Maybe she’s not enjoying this flashcard show, she’s just too weak to leap from the bed and strangle him. You breath, mate!