People Dunk On Woman Who Says Her Husband Got Chlamydia From Wearing A Mask

There are still a lot of people refusing to wear masks in public, despite the evidence that it significantly reduces the spread of COVID-19. Some of them are refusing for political reasons that make no sense, but a shocking number are refusing for health reasons that make no sense. For example, lying about having a disability or claiming the mask cuts off oxygen. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.

A Twitter user named @Jenwifonen screenshot a conversation on the Facebook account of her local news channel WIS TV.

“Y’all.. this just happened on our local news site.. what is life,” they wrote. It’s not clear what story the people arguing under, but a woman named Cheryl Gilbert commented, “My husband had to where a mask on a business trip and now he has clamedia.”

I’m sorry. What?

Someone asks her, “…Do you mean chlamydia? The STI?”

She answers, “No he got it from the mask.”

The other commenter responds, “Unless there’s another illness with a similar name that didn’t show up on a Google search…. because it REALLY sounds like you’re telling folks your husband cheated on you while he was on a business trip and told you it was from a mask.”

People cannot believe that this is a real person:

Are Cheryl and her lying, STI-ridden husband real? Who in the heck knows. But the fact that it seems entirely believable is maybe the craziest thing about it. It seems as though several someones even looked Cheryl up and commented on a post she put up in April that says “love hurts.”

It also seems as though Cheryl took her post down:

Oh, Cheryl.

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