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UPDATED: This Guy’s Story Of Hustling MS-13 Gang Members Out Of Thousands Of Dollars Is The Next Best Picture Winner


Some stories are too good to be true and, in the case of Shane Morris, his not-true story is landing him in a heap of trouble.

As Jordan Uhl revealed, Shane recently admitted that his incredible story of finding a brick of heroin in his old van and outsmarting a drug cartel for cash was fabricated.

Jordan Uhl

As Shane so eloquently puts it, telling a story online at the expense of MS-13 wasn’t the brightest idea.

The narrator voice went off in my head: “At that moment, I realized I had fucked up.”

He’s made another dumb move and made a GoFundMe in order to “go into hiding.”

This is probably a hoax too. Honestly, the lengths that Shane Morris is going to appear very dumb online is flabbergasting.

If you want to see what got him in such trouble in the first place, I’ve left the original story below:

Sometimes, we stumble across a story that is so captivating, so unbelievably good, we all sit and proclaim, “this should be a movie.”

Twitter user Shane Morris recently shared a story of a road trip gone wrong that almost led to his murder and folks, it needs be adapted into a feature film.

It’s a very long story, so I’ve gone ahead and broken it up into three acts, as well as cut out some of the fluff.

Buckle up.

Act I: Shane and his friend discover heroin in an old van and nearly get arrested.

This is when things took a very wild turn for Shane and Tyler.

Shane either has the best or worst luck in the world.

Act II: Shane is contacted by gang members about the heroin.

This is when things get really interesting.

Remember: Shane already sold the heroin for around $40k.

Here’s where Shane’s plan comes together.

And here is where Shane’s plan begins to fall apart.

Act III: Shane tries to not get murdered.

Worst. Luck. Ever.


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