Cops Called On Innocent Child Just For Selling ICE COLD (Root) BEER

The cops were called on eleven-year-old Seth Parker, who was advertising with a sign that read “ICE COLD BEER” with the world “root” included in teeny, tiny letters. Brigham City, Utah police arrive after concerned neighbors alerted them to the underage age peddler of suspected adult beverages.


“What better way to get people’s attention?” said Seth’s mom Alexis, who helped come up with the marketing strategy.

“Quite honestly, once our officers got there they found it quite ingenious,” Lt. Tony Ferderber told CNN.

The Brigham City Police Department shared the story on their Facebook account and received over 500 comments and 3.6 thousand shares. Users congratulated Parker on his cleverness and the police department on their handling of the situation.

“This young man deserves a 6 figure salary with an advertising firm! He’s a genius. Love a great feel good story!!!! Atta boy!!!” one user said.

Not every potential little business person is as lucky as Seth, though. Remember the saga of “Permit Patty” aka Alison Ettel? In June of 2018, Ettel called the police on eight-year-old Jordan Rogers, who is black, for selling water without a permit. The phone call was captured on video and went viral, prompting some to denounce Ettel’s actions as ridiculous as well as racist.

Similarly, Linda Krakora of Maple Heights, Ohio called the police on 12-year-old Reggie Fields—who is also black—for accidentally mowing some of Krakora’s grass while tending to their neighbor’s lawn.

Seth Parker said he would love to sell a root beer to Utah Governor Gary Herbert or Donald Trump, so now I’m not sure I think this story is cute anymore. I need a drink?