Idiotic GoFundMe Campaign Raises $5M In 3 days To Fund Border Wall

Led by the shining, orange example of our Angry Idiot in Chief, 2018 has been a very dumb year. But if you thought 2018 couldn’t get any dumber, you’d be wrong.

Upset that the obvious lie Trump told them about building a massive wall on the U.S./Mexico border during the campaign hasn’t miraculously become true Trump fans are trying to give themselves a Christmas present by crowdfunding The Wall™ themselves.

Amazingly a GoFundMe called “We The People Will Fund The Wall” has raised over 5 million dollars in just three days, from over 80,000 donors, and the hashtag #GoFundTheWall has quickly gained popularity on Twitter.

And Trump super-fans are hyped.

Outside of the MAGA bubble however, people are a lot more dubious about the idea of a crowdfunded mega wall, which honestly just sounds like a stunt or a scam.

The irony of conservative tax-hating Republicans sending their hard-earned dollars and social security checks…back to the federal government is rich.

Three million is, of course, far short of the fundraiser’s 1 billion dollar goal. And, as some have pointed out with various levels of glee, even 1 billion dollars would be far short of the amount needed for such a massive project.

Then there’s the moral issue.

While the government needing money for, say, healthcare or education rubs conservatives the wong way, sending the government money to keep out the poor and the needy apparently rubs conservatives in exactly the right way.

Christmas spirit indeed.

There’s also the gobsmacking way that Trump has moved the goalposts from his grandiose promises of a “Big Beautiful Wall” that Mexico would pay for…to something likely much more modest and expensive. Equally shocking is how his diehard fans have let him slide on one of his central campaign promises.

The mental gymnastics are incredible.

The absurd exercise in mega-crowdfunding has already been met with an appropriately absurd response. A GoFundMe has been set up to raise money for “Ladders To Get Over Trump’s Wall.” The tongue-in-cheek response has no illusions about meeting its 100 million dollar goal and has promised to donate the money it raises to RAICES, a nonprofit that gives legal assistance to immigrants and refugees.

Despite their best and most ludicrous efforts…Trump fans may need to adjust their expectations. They may simply have to forget the “Big Beautiful Wall” that Trump promised and be content with…I don’t know…how about a cute little fence like they have around Little League baseball diamonds.