IHOP Finally Announced What The ‘B’ In Their New Name Stands For And People Are Not Having It

Last week, IHOP announced that they would “temporarily” be changing their name in a new marketing campaign–and people were not happy.
From the moment they announced the “change,” many regular IHOP goers were annoyed to see the restaurant chain disturbing their love for the “International House of Pancakes.” In all honesty, I personally only go to IHOP for their pancakes–nothing else. Except for the coffee because they happen to leave the entire pot on your table–which is outstanding for a caffeine addict like myself. But, IMO, the eggs aren’t the greatest and their potatoes come out pretty greasy–but their pancakes are always 100% on point. Additionally, they have a plethora of syrup flavors to choose from–win/win. Regardless, I (and many others) look to IHOP as a place to go for breakfast, and breakfast only.

When the company announced earlier last week they were going from IHOP to IHOb–people had some thoughts as to what the “b” stood for.

Sarah clearly had a good sense of humor about the change.

I wouldn’t be mad if there were endless breakfast burritos available.

Katie’s right–nothing better.

The most obvious answer, clearly.

Could be to get those millennials in their door (with bottomless options?!?)

On Monday, IHOP finally revealed what the “B” really stood for and–it seems they want to break the notion that they are only a house of pancakes and present to restaurant goers a new reason to venture into their dwellings–for burgers. According to the company, IHOb stands for International House of Burgers, as the restaurant chain is adding brand new burgers to their menu–some suitable for breakfast, like the Big Brunch burger with bacon, egg, and potatoes on top.

When people fund out the “B” was actually for “burgers,” well–they were less than pleased.

However, one Twitter user pointed out that IHOP’s marketing strategy is pretty brilliant. Let’s face it–while IHOP is a staple of everyone’s breakfast restaurant roulette, you’re more likely to go to a diner or even a brunch spot when grabbing something to eat that early on (and, if you’re in New York, you know you’d rather have a bagel anyway). Josh Barro pointed out that by using a marketing campaign that immediately resulted in outrage, people online began talking about what they actually like about IHOP.

And, Josh pointed out that the company will most likely change their name back in the next few weeks, but as of now, they did get the conversation going about their food and restaurants. However, you will never get me to call IHOP by it’s “new name”–not even if you paid me.