Influencer Dragged To Pieces After Praising Husband For ‘Helping With Housework’

What is it with this influencer post that seems like it should be from the 1950s?

A Twitter user named Nat (@natmypresident) tweeted an image of a stereotypically hunky dude holding a sign that reads, “Helping with housework so you can get lucky is called choreplay.”

In it, a pretty blond woman has her arms wrapped around his neck and is planting a kiss on his face like she just can’t believe how great her man is. Both of the people in the picture are somehow mentally exhausting.

The tweet reads, “Influencers must be stopped,” and the internet definitely agrees.

The full picture shows that this was in Instagram post where the influencer wrote, “Nothing hotter. Any other ‘acts of service’ love language-ers out there? Mine 100%!”

After her first tweet, Nat followed up with another reading, “you should ‘help’ with the housework because you LIVE IN THE HOUSE TOO????” Exactly!

Some people took the opportunity to give the post the meme treatment because the board is just dying to be photoshopped to say something else.

And, of course, there were tons of jokes.

People pointed out that doing things just to get laid wasn’t actually “love.”

All in all, these influencers are truly nauseating and someone needs to deposit them directly into the trash.

Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.