Insane Trump Supporter Stakes Out Hillary Clinton’s House, Demands Her Arrest

Warning: Don’t read this story if you’re allergic to nuts.

Donald Trump has been embraced by conspiracy theorists and fringe lunatics like no president before.

In return he has embraced their support, with his constant narrative of fighting a war on all fronts against a conspiring media and political class dovetailing perfect with their hare-brained theories about an Obama-Clinton-led “Deep State” that is secretly controlling the government and trying to bring Trump down.

That’s how you get nut bars like the believers in Qanon and that’s how you get incidents like that of one Dave Daubenmire who, according to RawStory, recently drove hundreds of miles to Hillary Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, New York to make a video in which he rants nonsensically and demands that Clinton be arrested.

In a video posted by Right Wing Watch, the camera sways back and forth across the Clinton’s driveway as Daubenmire calls the Clinton home “one of the greatest crime scenes in American history” and rambles about the “secret government” while calling on Christians to “rise up” in support of Trump.

By Daubenmire’s own admission he drove “8 hours” to reach the Clinton home.

While it appears to be some type of outlandish promotional stunt for his churchy-looking “Coach Dave LIVE!” channel, it’s more than a little alarming that someone would drive hundreds of miles to stalk the Clintons, give out their address, and call on others to do the same. It also recalls other incidents, such as Pizzagate, in which conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones have ginned up  their poorly informed listeners to take sometimes dangerous and illegal actions in the misguided belief that they are fighting a vague but vast government conspiracy.

Another video posted by Right Wing Watch apparently depicts Daubenmire describing why he filmed the Clinton house.

Shocker: Daubenmire says God told him to do it.

Some found the video amusingly ridiculous while others thought it was more disturbing than anything else.

h/t: RawStory