Internet Hero Changes Google Listing Of Teen MAGA Bullies’ Prep School

Covington Catholic High School is taking serious heat after activists exposed it as the prep school responsible for the mob of teenagers in MAGA hats who harassed and mocked a Native American veteran at the Indigenous People’s March in Washington D.C. In fact, someone was so angry about it that they somehow managed to change the Google listing for the school to “Covington Catholic White Male Entitlement High School.”

The school located in Park Hills, Kentucky, some 500 miles away from the nation’s capital, reportedly bussed in the students with the goal of protesting abortion. The video of the gaggle of young white faces jeering Mr. Nathan Phillips and making racist gestures and noises as he performed a traditional ceremony of the Omaha Nation has sparked widespread outrage.

People are now spreading Covington Catholic’s contact information and urging the public to condemn the school for both sending the boys to the protest and for allowing such toxic, racist, and bullying behavior in their students. Since many of the teens are likely under the age of 18, many are placing the blame for their behavior squarely on the shoulders of their parents and their educators.

The internet hero who made the highly appropriate change to Covington Catholic’s name has not yet revealed themself or their methods, though it was probably done by editing the school’s Wikipedia page. The listing has been changed back to simply “Covington Catholic High School,” but not before half of Twitter grabbed screenshots.

The prep school has yet to comment on the racist, intimidating behaviors of this group of students, instead opting to lock down their social pages as people flood them with condemnations and requests for comment. Nathan Phillips has already spoken out about the harassment he endured, and people are working to raise funds for him and for Omaha Nation.

People on Twitter are also sharing their letters/emails to Covington Catholic expressing their displeasure with a school that produces such awful people.

Unless they want to be known as Covington Catholic White Male Entitlement High School forever, they’d better be drafting up a real contrite apology. No wonder #ExposeChristianSchools has been trending.