Internet Roasts Trump Because Much Of His ‘National Emergency’ Money Is Already Spent

Several days into Trump’s dubious “national emergency” that he admitted was just to build his wall “faster,” news broke that over a third of the money he planned to snatch out of funds for actual emergencies has probably already been spent.

According to the report in Roll Call, Trump wanted to divert $2.5 billion from Pentagon counterdrug funds (because it’s not like we have an opioid epidemic going on or anything). However, the Department of Defense is reporting that there’s only $85 million left in that particular account. Maybe they spent it after Trump himself made a bunch of noise about all those drugs coming over the Mexican border.

John M. Donnelly points out that, in order to add more funds back into that particular account, the Pentagon would need authorization from Congress, including the House, which is now controlled by Democrats. So, nope.

Even if Trump finds a way to make up that big chunk of missing money, his other sources are $3.6 billion from military construction funds and $600 million from the Treasury Department. This gets him nowhere near the estimated $21.6 billion that the Department of Homeland Security estimated it would take to build a wall across the entirety of the border. And let’s not forget about the hundreds of millions it would cost every year to maintain.

Someone is running out of options, and Twitter is enjoying the view of failure.

House Democrats have already released a resolution to end the alleged “national emergency” while 16 U.S. states are suing over it. It seems likely that Democrats in the Senate will be able to find enough votes to pass their resolution, seeing as even Republicans were saying that this national emergency would be a disaster for the party before it happened. How many times does Trump need to suffer humiliating defeats over his wall before he gives up?

At least this is distracting him while progressives gain ever more support for the Green New Deal.