Ivanka Trump Blames Parents For Her Father’s Family Separation Policy, Which Totally Bummed Her Out

Poor Ivanka! She recently had to shutter her “iconic” “fashion” label, and now it turns out she was actually very, very *sad emoji* about her father’s disgusting child snatching policy. Can a billionaire heiress even get a break in this world!? She recently dropped the news that she was “vehemently” opposed to daddy’s policy, and it’s news because she never uttered a word about it when it was going on.

Today, in hushed tones, Ivanka Trump did her best to convince reporters she thought her father’s family separation policy was a real bummer! (For her.)

“That was a low point for me as well,” she said at an event where she was interviewed by Axios’ Mike Allen. “I felt very strongly about that. I am very vehemently against family separation and the separation of parents and children, so I would agree with that sentiment. Immigration is incredibly complex as a topic. Illegal immigration is incredibly complicated.”

Weird, I don’t remember her saying anything publicly about it at the time. I do remember this though:

I also remember her effusive praise for daddy dearest when he finally caved and tried to end the crisis he created:

Her tone-deaf attempt to soften her father’s internment of children was met with a resounding “KEEP IT!” From Twitter:

Ivanka Trump went on to blame the family separation crisis, not on her parent, whose policy is responsible for it, but on the parents fleeing violence to come to the United States:

“I am a daughter of an immigrant, my mother grew up in Communist Czech Republic, but we are a country of laws. … We have to be very careful about incentivizing behavior that puts children at risk of being trafficked, at risk of entering this country with coyotes or making an incredibly dangerous journey alone.”

Uh, what? First of all, many of the people we’re talking about here are legal asylum seekers fleeing gang violence in their own countries. They are literally running for their lives.

Keeping families together once they’ve reached the United States isn’t “incentivizing” them to leave their homes any more than firefighters wrapping you in a blanket after your house goes up in flames “incentivizes” you to fall asleep with a cigarette in your mouth.

Instead, it’s the relative safety of the United States that’s “incentivizing” them to make the journey. Terrorizing parents by snatching their kids and imprisoning them isn’t just ineffective immigration policy, it’s f*cking monstrous.

h/t: Huffington Post