15+ People Who Voted For Trump And Realized They Made A Yuge Mistake

We all make mistakes. It’s human nature.

However, it takes a certain amount of strength and intelligence for a person to admit they’ve seen the error of their ways — two qualities not often found, or at least buried deep, deep within — your average Donald Trump supporter.

That may sound like a diss, but the fact remains: only the dumbest of people give their blind, unwavering devotion to a man who does everything in his power to screw them over. (Which isn’t to say only poor people voted for Trump.)

Luckily, not every Trump supporter was created equal. Though it may sound impossible considering the ferocity with which much of the MAGA base has doubled down in their backing of the current president, there appears to be a growing percentage of Americans who have realized they made a huge mistake.

Granted, they only realized it when their own lives were negatively affected. But still! The more voters we get renouncing Trump, the higher our chances of Making America (Actually) Great Again — Great as in, beautiful cultural melting pot full of smart, accepting, kind people, not Great as in reviving concentration camps and making fun of disabled people.

17. This Trump voter realized just how integral immigrants were to his personal life and business after the president cracked down on immigration:

H-2B is a government program that allows immigrants to come work unskilled jobs in the United States on temporary visas. Realizing that zero Americans apply for many of these backbreaking jobs, businesses nationwide have been petitioning Congress to dole out more H-2B visas. Their requests have fallen on deaf ears.

Many agriculture, landscape, and construction businesses lost the majority of their unskilled labor force overnight when the Trump administration cracked down on illegal immigration. The Trump White House also made it far more difficult for workers coming to the States legally.

Meanwhile, the Trump Organization was granted 70 visas to hire foreign workers serving as maids, cooks and servers for the 2017-2018 tourist season at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida.

16. Whereas this woman’s husband was unable to get back into the country as a result of Trump’s immigration policies.

15. A certain percentage of those who voted for trump are currently surprised at the astronomical rise in their healthcare premiums:

An independent analysis conducted by the Urban Institute found that as a result of the Trump administration’s loosening of health insurance rules, nearly 9 million more Americans will be uninsured 2019 and that insurance premiums will increase by an average 16.4 percent across the country.

14. Some of them got so caught up in Trump’s anti-Obama rhetoric, they didn’t realize they were, in effect, dooming themselves by voting for him:

The Trump administration is actively trying to repeal Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which gets healthy people to buy insurance, thus helping keep prices lower for the general population. Once the government stops enforcing mandatory participation — and Trump promises that it will — insurance premiums will spike.

Essentially, Trump replaced Obamacare with a federal health-care program that is almost the same except it covers fewer people, charges higher premiums, and costs the government more money.

13. Insurance premiums will continue to rise in 2019, and are expected to jump by 35 to 94 percent nationwide within the next three years.

Meanwhile, insurance companies will be able to deny coverage for “pre-existing conditions” and will not have to cover the essential benefits they did under Obamacare.

12. This individual voted for Trump specifically because he’d promised Mexico would pay for the border wall:

Donald Trump asked Congress for more funding for the wall just this week, despite months of campaigning during which he swore Mexico would bear the financial responsibility of the project.

“We’re spending $1.6 billion now. There’s a plan for another $1.6 billion, but I’d like to ask this room if we could increase it,” he told the Republican members of Congress on Tuesday.

11. Within less than one months’ time, this Twitter user went from trolling liberals to mourning the loss of net neutrality:

Donald Trump elected Ajit Pai as the Federal Communications Commission chairman in 2017. Pai is singlehandedly responsible for repeating net neutrality, meaning that a handful of Internet Service Providers will now be able to charge you whatever rates they like in exchange for Internet access. These multi-billion dollar telecomm giants will also be able to limit or censure anything they don’t want you to see.

10. This regretful Trump voter didn’t bother to elaborate:

9. Neither did this one:

Although according to Reddit, he did say, “This is the first step: showing up and being honest.”