15+ People Who Voted For Trump And Realized They Made A Yuge Mistake

8. This former Trump supporter expressed dismay in the comments section of a Fox News post on Facebook. Specifically with the way in which the president responds to all perceived insults by lobbing his own via social media:

The New York Times keeps a running list of the people, places, and things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter. The number currently stands at 472 and ranges from the Broadway musical ‘Hamilton’ to Snoop Dogg, ESPN, and ‘haters,’ just generally.

7. They weren’t the only one embarrassed by the president’s Twitter persona.

Six months later, Donald Trump was quoted as saying that he wants his people to treat him the way North Koreans treat murderous dictator Kim Jong Un.

6. Trump’s shameless peddling of his own merchandise on Facebook during Black Friday left a bad taste in this man’s mouth:

Trump took to Facebook to encourage his supporters to buy his merch last November. “Use the code GIVING for 30% off OFFICIAL Trump Merchandise,” he wrote in a Facebook post as well as a RNC tweet, effectively launching dozens of mocking memes.

5. At least one veteran was pissed Trump had gone back on his word:

During his election campaign, Donald Trump promised U.S. veterans immediate access to health care — this did not happen. Plans to boost other veteran services and to overhaul the VA have also remained unfulfilled.

Almost immediately after taking office, Trump imposed a federal hiring freeze which disproportionally hurt veterans — a group that receives federal hiring preference.

4. Many who voted for Trump because he was an “outsider” quickly realized he was just as – if not more – corrupt than the “establishment” they were fighting so hard to take down.

While Donald Trump is undoubtedly an “outsider” in that he managed to attain the highest political office in the United States with zero political experience, the way in which he always posited his “outsider” status — that is, as a figure capable of “draining the swam” because he did not belong to it — could not be farther from the truth.

By calling himself an “outsider,” Trump was able to convince millions of people he was not corrupt. In reality, Donald Trump is a gross real estate developer who became who he became by having a rich dad and walking on the backs of the impoverished.

What followed has been the most scandal-ridden 17 months of any U.S. presidency in history.

3. These two Twitter users mistakenly believed Donald Trump’s tax plan would benefit low-income Americans:


Donald Trump’s tax plan delineates $1.5 trillion to business tax cuts and $200 billion to extremely wealthy Americans. Republicans did not propose any big changes to the only part of the tax code that exclusively benefits low-income workers.

2. This man is upset that Donald Trump lied about leaving marijuana legalization in the hands of individual states:

Despite his promise to leave marijuana alone, Donald Trump has decided to roll back a former Obama-era policy allowing states to legalize marijuana with minimal federal interference. Jeff Sessions is making it so that federal law enforcement will be able to crack down on marijuana in states where it is currently legal or decriminalized.

1. Then there’s this guy: